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Customizing SharePoint 2010 breadcrumb

When I recently updated our 2007 development intranet site to Sharepoint foundation the first complaints was navigation navigation navigation….where is our breadcrumb !!!!

Well, here it is. To add the breadcrumb back you have to change the masterpage. Pick a place on the page where you want to place it, and (magic) insert a sitemappath control. DONE.



head-to-head Siri vs Google voice actions

So alot of talk is about Siri at the moment. Here is an article that explains it and compares it to Google voice actions. Thanks Greg Sterling for the great article.

You can find it here

Sharepoint Satruday Cape Town 2011

So the event has come and gone, and what a great day. Like minded companies, individuals, speakers and even better topics, it turned out to be a fantastic day for any Sharepoint enthusiast. Thanks to all the sponsors  that made the event possible.

You can view photos from the event. They are located here

And just released, thanks to Intervate, you can watch a video on youtube here

Sharepoint Saturday Cape Town almost here!

Ok so I am excited now for tomorrows Sharepoint Saturday event in Cape Town. Great international speakers and local ones also!!

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More details about the event can be found on their website.

MVC and Telerik

Recently I started converting a new web application into mvc pattern and I am really loving it. It is definatly worth checking out if you are in web development. Also look at what Telerik has to offer with free open source controls. Fantastic!!





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